So what is Chosen Motherhood?

Hey Stepmom — this place is for you! I believe that God chose you for this role of mothering children that you choose to love. My hope is that Chosen Motherhood will be a safe place where you are reminded that you are not alone, you feel seen for the demanding and loving steps you take everyday, and you can share stories of hope and ask for help or prayer for the tough things. I have an inkling that some foster moms, adpotive moms and other moms in blended families may feel at home here too!


Community Spirit

We uplift, encourage and support moms and kids! We focus on love, growth and supportive solutions to your unique challenges! (This is not a place for merely venting and we don’t waste time bashing first moms.)

Get Involved

I am working to build a platform for us to connect with our tribe later in 2020. If that’s something you’re interested in investing in, you can participate here:

Thank you!

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