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Letters to a Stepmom: On Being Chosen

Dear Stepmom, You may feel ill-equipped, like this is too hard (and maybe even that you want out).  A person in my life used to frequently say “this is what you signed up for”, as if I’d impulsively volunteered for deployment to a battle in which I shouldn’t fight. QuestionsRead More

Letters to a Stepmom: On Redefining

Dear Stepmom, During this time of sheltering in place, any sense of routine became a distant memory. Are you struggling with an inability to see your child? Maybe her first mom is using Covid-19 as an excuse to deviate from the agreed upon schedule. Maybe you are sad, missing yourRead More

Looking down, feeling outsider

Letters to a Stepmom: On Belonging

Dear Stepmom — You are irreplaceable.  But today you may feel like an outsider–even in your own home, around your own people. You may feel you don’t fit, or don’t belong, or are out of the loop. You may feel like parent #4 on the rankings you imagine are beingRead More

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