Family Vacation

New Traditions to Replace Lost Holidays

© Stephanie Judy. This article first appeared as “New Traditions to Replace Lost Holidays” in the December 2020 / January 2021 issue of Focus on the Family magazine. All rights reserved. ForRead More

Letters to a Stepmom: On Performance, Pride and Worry

Dear Stepmom,  I find myself worrying about my child’s performance, life plan, faith, amount of time spent with Jesus. But today, the internal narrative of worry changed. Today, I heardRead More

Letters to a Stepmom: On Being Chosen

Dear Stepmom, You may feel ill-equipped, like this is too hard (and maybe even that you want out).  A person in my life used to frequently say “this is whatRead More

Letters to a Stepmom: On Redefining

Dear Stepmom, During this time of sheltering in place, any sense of routine became a distant memory. Are you struggling with an inability to see your child? Maybe her firstRead More

Looking down, feeling outsider

Letters to a Stepmom: On Belonging

Dear Stepmom — You are irreplaceable.  But today you may feel like an outsider–even in your own home, around your own people. You may feel you don’t fit, or don’tRead More

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