Letters to a Stepmom: On Redefining

Dear Stepmom,

During this time of sheltering in place, any sense of routine became a distant memory.

Are you struggling with an inability to see your child? Maybe her first mom is using Covid-19 as an excuse to deviate from the agreed upon schedule. Maybe you are sad, missing your kid….or maybe you’re feeling guilty, but thankful for the break, the change of pace. Possibly, for the first time you and your hubs feel like newly-weds, with new found free time. 

Maybe switching weekends isn’t a part of your story and life is pure overwhelm. Juggling work, anxiety about the unknown and now being a teaching assistant for your 1st grader’s Zoom class. On the other hand, maybe you are thriving, and now considering home school! 

Perhaps, your kids are grown and you’re worried about their health and well being.

No matter where you are, remember these words: 

> God is in control. He is omniscient and you can trust Him to redeem all things. 

> And this too shall pass. Are these words of relief? If not, consider them words to heed. When it passes, what do you want to remain? What can you carry forward with you to the “new normal”? Sure a lot has been removed, but you have also been given something huge, an invitation to redefine what life looks like moving forward. 

Practical Encouragement & Next Steps: 

Take 15 minutes of reflection and journal or think through these questions. 

If everything you didn’t thank God for today, disappeared tomorrow, what would you thank Him for right now? (I’ll get you started – the air you breathe…) Write down at least 3 things. Or 10 things.”

~Amy Zack
  • What do you find yourself not missing from life before? What boundaries will you place as life resets? 

It can be challenging to name things that are unseen, but so important to keep them from creeping back in to steal space and time from what you want.

  • What do you want to add back in? 

This time period has made it pretty clear to me what activities (and even which people) matter most. What are your must-haves? Here are a few ideas: time for exercise, walking in nature, journaling, gathering around your table with friends and family?

  • Will your priorities change? Have they already?

With summer approaching, is it too hard to conjure up potential activities? Try to walk through the calendar, thinking about what invitations and activities will start to pop up over summer and then in fall? Which do you want to say yes to? To which will you say no? 

You have been invited to redefine what your life looks like as you walk forward into the unknown. 

P.S. Feel free to share in the comments below.  

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